How much would you charge to stain my fence?
How much would you charge to stain my deck?
Can you stain my weathered fence and deck or will they need to be bleached or power washed?
If I am not ready for staining, are you willing to simply clean the wood?
How long would it take to stain my fence or deck?
Does staining a fence or deck last forever?
Can I just paint my fence or deck?
How does the stain work once applied?
What happens after the warranty wears out and my deck or fence needs re-staining? Do I have to strip it or can it be simply be re-stained?
What if stain gets on my house or windows?
What is in the stains you use?
What effect does colder temperatures have on staining?
When is the best time of year to have my deck or fence stained?

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